DFS-Sphere eForm
Enterprise Wide Electronic Form Workflow Solution

Much time and effort is wasted today in handling and tracking approval processes of company forms, documents and requests. DFS-Sphere eForm Routing Software allows you to automate the entire process of creating, filling out and approving of any form or request online, integrating standard tools such as email to notify users of reminders and approval status. Our DFS-Sphere eForm eliminates inefficient paper-based or email-based processing, multiple copies, and loss of paperwork...

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Paperless document content management software

DFS-Sphere eContent
Paperless Content Management Solution

DFS-Sphere eContent is a cloud-based solution that enables automation of tracking and storing electronic documents. DFS-Sphere eDocument harnesses the data explosion and better connects people to relevant information. Our solution enables users immediately classify, index and add metadata to documents to make them more accessible. You can also reduce printing and deliver fast access to statements and reports onlineā€¦

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Human Resource (HR) Automation Software Solution

DFS-Sphere eHR Human Resources Paperless Approval Process Solution

DFS-Sphere eHR is perfectly designed to provide company HR maximum flexibility and operational efficiency. HR, payroll and business personnel transactional processes are simplified and consistent across the organization, enabling staff to spend more time on strategic issues and less time on basic administrative processing activities...

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Custom Service Management and Dispatch Software Solution

DFS-Sphere eService
Service Tracking Dispatch Software

DFS-Sphere eService is a highly scalable work order and service dispatch software that manages service calls, work orders, scheduling, time management, invoicing, and billing. DFS-Sphere eService allows service companies to do more with less, provide service more effectively, and focus on your unique business processes to outperform your competition...

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DFS-Sphere eProcurement
Purchase Order (PO) Automation Software

DFS-Sphere eProcurement is perfectly designed to provide you maximum flexibility and operational efficiency in automating procurement processes. RFQ, PR, PO, budgeting, invoicing, and payment are all in one system and central database, helping streamline the processes and improve decision-making capability.

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eForm Workflow Solution

eForm Workflow Software Solution

HR Paperless Approval Process Solution

Paperless Document Management Software

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